Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I found out today, through an e-mailed newsletter of all things, that a man I knew through the local music scene died last Friday.  We weren't close; I wouldn't even say we were friends.  But we were friendly acquaintances, and he always seemed to appreciate my music.  He was a hugger, and he did a lot for musicians in our community, of which he was one, too.  He was a nice man, with a nice wife, and just like that, he is gone.  I don't know the how of it.  What I do know is that I am unexpectedly affected today by his passing; goosebumps and a heavy heart.   I think that's because it was so unexpected (at least to me), and because he seemed to be of an age with A, which, in my estimation, remains too young.  (I'm of the mind that anyone under the age of 75 is unjustly young to die.)  I am reminded again of what I know only too well:  That people just die sometimes.  No warning; no appeal; no sense to it.  It happens every damn day.

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  1. It was a heart attack, I have learned from the obituary. Of course.

    He was 64.