Monday, June 6, 2011

It gets different, and sometimes that's better, too

Today, I found myself in the bathroom at the office wiping away tears.  I was trying to pull myself together because I was laughing so hard reading this site at work, that if I didn't excuse myself, I was going to get busted.  I could barely control my laughter; there was some snorting and other strange noises, too, as the laughter exploded out in spite of my best efforts.  As I sat there, repeatedly breaking out in giggles as I remembered some of the posts and wiping my eyes, I thought of how many times during the summer of 2006 I'd been in the bathroom at work wiping away tears, crying my shattered heart out as silently as possible for one who is sobbing uncontrollably.  And I was grateful to be in there today, shaking with laughter as I cracked up again and again.  There was a time where that seemed impossible.


  1. I laughed so hard at page 5 that I couldn't catch my breath or talk. I must have just really needed a good laugh. :)